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Stadeatools.com has been launched with a mission in mind……a mission to provide our valued customers with the best performing diamond tools available in the stone industry. The professionals in our team have put in valuable time and energy to develop and test every product that is passed down to our customers – from blades; core and router bits; grinding wheels to polishing pads (dry & wet) – thus fulfilling complete customer needs to bring you the most effective tools on the market today.


STADEA - Our Mission
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Our Products
Stadea offers diamond tools for professional – we have a comprehensive selection of products for cutting, coring, polishing, grinding and shaping of concrete, granite, marble, stones and glass. Having garnered the best know how in the industry, we deeply admire the intellect that goes into making diamond tools, as well as their performance on the job. We are totally committed to serving our customers in every possible manner.

Stadea tools are designed for effectively reduce your turnaround time delivering top notch quality results. Competitive pricing, durable quality tools, superior quality finish results in effectively reduced cost of stone manufacturing and fabrication. Buy Stadea tools today, take a step forward to beat your competition.

Meet The Founders

Sumit Suman
Sumit SumanPresident & Founder
Sumit Suman is President and founder for ePortal LLC (STADEA Tools), the company with mission to revolutionize diamond tools and stone industry. He completed his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology. He contributed for design and development of multi-million dollar manufacturing unit. His passion for automation lead his way to software engineering. He worked as individual contributor and technology leader for multiple software products and application initiatives across continents for companies namely Hewlett Packard, Apple.
SudheshnaCo Founder
Sudeshna Biswas is co founder for ePortal LLC (STADEA Tools), the company with mission to revolutionize diamond tools and stone industry. She completed her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University. During her initial years, she designed and developed of electrical switches and systems. She worked as individual contributor and a leader ship roles for companies eBay, Intuit, Amazon, Apple etc.