Do you own a concrete table top, or foundation that you have set along the bathroom or room surface at your home? Need to drill through it to create a vent or for some kind of fixture? You need the right hole saw that can fit the shape of your drill and make itself comfortable in your home. Getting the perfect concrete hole saw needs a little choosing before buying.

Why Hole Saw

Hole saws are supposed to be slower than a boring bit that apparently does the same work of drilling into your concrete. But while boring bits are a bit expensive, hole saws are available easily at a cheaper rates. The 3 inch concrete hole saw would work perfectly with the 3/8” home drill that you use to drill into the concrete. This is probably why most homes prefer hole saw to drill their concrete settings.

Know the Hole Saw

When you plan to dig a bigger hole in the concrete to set up your plumbing stations or probably just want some work done on your concrete, you should use a hole saw. It is a steel cylinder which has a saw tooth at the top edge. This saw tooth cuts into the concrete basing out exactly the shape that you desire.

Choosing the Hole Saw

It is very important to choose the perfect hole saw to drill your concrete. You can get a carbon steel hole saw at a perfectly cheap rate. This is generally used to cut wood though. Your bimetal hole saw is practically used to cut both wood and metal. But when you are looking to cut through concrete, you need to think of buying a diamond or carborundum grit 3 inch hole saw. This will cut through the concrete perfectly.

Using the Hole Saw

When you are working on concrete with concrete hole saw, here’s how you do it. You should draw a huge circle around the area you are looking to drill. Now begin drilling with your hammer drill; you need to punch holes in here. Once you are done with that, you can clean the whole setup with a side grinder or a diamond blade. You can use the spline shafted with the hole saw to do the whole drilling for you. Make sure you use a 2 and half inch spline for the drilling purpose. This will blend in easily.


You should ideally know the purpose for using a hole saw, before you actually begin using one. Once you are aware that hole saw serves your purpose, choose the one that cuts perfectly.